Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Parenting Tip - Preschool Writing Attempts

It’s always fun when your preschooler gets interested in learning to write his name and other family member’s names.

My daughter-in-law sent me this hilarious picture of how Tac-age 3- wrote his dad’s name. The curve on the “p’s” didn’t quite get down as far as they should have or else he's confused about "p" and "d", and his “a” needs a lot of help. He must have been sounding out d-a-a-d to get two “a’s” in there!

Way to go, Tac, keep practicing



  1. What a cute boy! He loves to write LOTS of letters to many people. (It's handy to keep scrap paper and junk mail envelopes within easy access.)




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