Friday, July 29, 2011

Parenting Tip - Laughter - The Best Medicine

Is life going crazy for you right now?  Are the kids driving you up a wall?  Then take 5 minutes out of your day and laugh.

We all know there is value in laughing.  It lowers your blood pressure, protects your heart, boosts your immune system, relieves pain and depression, bla, bla, bla. You can probably remember a time from your past when you and a friend laughed so hard you cried.  I can.  I remember lots of times, but if I told you the reason why we were laughing, it wouldn't even be funny to you.  Or me.  But it sure was funny then.

Laughing bonds you to those you laugh with. Why?  Because you are sharing a personal, intense emotion.   So shouldn't you be laughing at home so you can bond with your children and husband?  Many times while parents watch their baby's and children's antics they will laugh and feel closer because of it.

Why can children laugh so easily?  Because they don't have the stress and responsibilities that we as adults have, of course.  But we can learn from children.  Learn to live in the moment, enjoy the now, be enchanted with what your eyes are seeing and your heart is feeling.

Maybe we should all have funny pictures hanging in our homes (you know the ones where the kids are messing around when you want to take a photograph) and CDs of laughter (or just watch you tube once a day).  Maybe we should make funny faces in the mirror and play jokes on each other.

I just couldn't resist sharing this video of one of  my grandsons laughing.

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  1. Oh I just love this!! Capturing this fun moment with your grandson is just so cute!! I try so hard to soak in those kind of moments with my baby. Laughter really is the BEST medicine! ;)




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