Friday, July 1, 2011

The Give-away Winners are......

Congratulations to Pam and Master P for winning the guitar and popcorn bopping CDs!!
  I sent you both an email requesting your information so I can pass it on to the publishers.

Thanks to everyone who entered and who read AND comment on my blog.  YOU make it worth it!


  1. Fun! I got the Popcorn Bopping CD last night. Jeffrey danced around like a crazy man, he loved it! Thanks for the recommendation.
    I thought I would pass this on...
    At Deseret Book there is a 2011 Summer Playlist CD at the register for $1.99, it has 9 songs on it from 9 different CDs (including Popcorn...) But the good part, on the back of the cardboard case is a coupon for $3 off any of the 9 CDs. You can re-use the coupon as many times as you want until Dec 31st.

  2. Thanks for the CD info from Deseret Book. Good idea.

    You can also buy individual songs from CDs that you like for 99 cents. Amazon and others let you do that.




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