Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Tip #79 Practice Music Skills at the Computer!

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned having computer time for children during the week.  There are a lot of educational sites out there for children from art and drawing to puzzles and logic games.  Summer is a great time to reinforce some musical skills.  Here are a few sites that offer general music information as well as honing in on those rhythm and note naming skills which are so important.  This site has a ton of information on theory, instrument families, quizzes and games for piano note reading and rhythm skills.  I especially like the note trainer and keyboard trainer on this site.  You can click on toggle to give more help for beginners and change the settings to make the parameters fit where your child needs practice.  This site also has free lessons in music theory. This site has some fun arcade games to help with note naming and rhythm This site has lots of info for the teacher, but also drill pages to copy for students as well as online quiz sheets.

Kids love to play computer games, so the smart parents will utilize this to their advantage and let their children learn while they play.

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