Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parenting Tip #67 Courageous Parenting

Courageous Parenting”, that’s the title of a speech given by Elder Larry R. Lawrence at a past Church conference and he says it is a “good theme for parents.” The youth are a primary target to whom Satan is directing his attention and parents need to be courageous as they counsel and teach their children.

Parents need to be courageous as they teach their youth about modesty. Don’t be afraid to say, “No, you may not wear that blouse”, and “Yes, we’ll buy the more expensive swimming suit because it is modest.”

Parents need to be courageous in saying, “No, you may not sleepover at your friend’s house,” and “Yes, you may stay until 11:00 and then I’ll drive you back in time for breakfast.”

Parents need to be courageous in limiting the time their children play video games and what type they play. Parents need to be courageous on insisting everyone eats dinner together at the dinner table (with no t.v.). Parents need to be courageous in saying “No” to steady dating, and “Yes” to group dating at age 16.

Curfew, friends, activities, dress, school, the list goes on and on. Courageous parenting, indeed.

Our children are under a lot of peer pressure. But I felt more peer pressure from other parents when my kids were teens than I ever did as a teenager myself! Other parents would let their children do this and that, but we wouldn’t let ours. Talk about pressure!

Courage was our answer—courage to stay true to our beliefs. That, and wonderful children who trusted their parents and had courage to obey their counsel.




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