Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parenting Tip #65 Your Baby is Always Right!

Good businesses and stores know that “the customer is always right.” That’s the attitude we need to take with newborns and babies (well, children too). “The baby is always right”—so if she is crying, then something needs to be done. Is the baby hungry, tired, has messy diapers, or getting sick? There’s always a reason why a baby (and child) cries. As adults we need to act like adults and find out the reason.

The baby is always right. His schedule is the one that fits his needs right now. Is he sleeping at inconvenient times for you (well, don’t they always?), or is he going through a growth spurt and not sleeping at all because he is so interested in taking everything in that is going on around him?

The baby is always right. Is she going through a fearful stage of being afraid of strangers? Is she clinging to you and want to be held a lot? Is he crying constantly and irritable, not his happy normal self? Stop and think of your schedule and the baby’s schedule. Are they out of whack? Are you causing stress to your baby?

As adults, we have lots of stress. Babies don’t need stress. They need a love, warm touching, caring environment where they can develop their little bodies, minds and emotions.

Your baby is always right!

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