Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Tip #65 Piano Bingo

This week I played Piano Bingo with my students. I took the hearts off the bingo board and my students would choose one heart at a time, read the directions on the back, then match the number on the heart to the numbered square on the bingo board and do what the heart said to do. Some of the directions were: play your working song, play a review song with a steady beat, say the treble clef space names, etc. When all the hearts were put back on the board, a secret message was revealed (You Played Great Today!). Then I gave them some candy.

This is a fun way of giving piano lessons, both for me, the teacher, and the student. Life can get boring and it's fun to jazz things up a bit every once in a while. One year I did a baseball bingo during baseball season. The boys especially liked it.

Hummm, I should make a princess or fairy bingo, and maybe a take off on a movie like the Incredibles or Despicable Me. I've also made a Bingo game as a home practice gimmick. Just make a copy for each student on regular paper and write practice directions in each box. Then the child crosses out the squares each day as he practices.

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