Sunday, June 19, 2011

Music Tip #77 Let the Children Play

I found two cool websites when looking for a movie for my husband and I to go to. I noticed that this week, June 23 (in Mesa) there is a one night premiere of a documentary entitled “Let the Children Play”. This movie features the work of Gustavo Dudamel, a conductor from Venezuela.

Dudamel works through a program called El Sistema, which teaches music to 300,000 of the poorest children in Venezuela. The effect is awe inspiring. The lives of the children become enriched and empowered and the effect on the community is just as great.

What does this mean to you? It is a reminder of the power of music on the lives of children. YOUR children. How can you use this power in your family?
1. Play music at home. Play classical, jazz, country (well…?), folk songs, choral, children’s music, the list goes on and on.
2. Enroll your children in music classes or private piano or string instruction.
3. Ensure that your child practices each day. Make it fun, play games, clap and cheer your child on
4. Enjoy music yourself. Sing around the house. Dance. Play music in the car.

Music is a gift. Make sure you use that gift for the benefit of your children. And you.

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  1. He's an excellent musician - check out where he's working now ... L.A. ! Quite a story to his life.




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