Friday, June 24, 2011

A Give-Away is Here!

I have another give away for you.  I have two children’s CDs that I have been asked to share.  They are both great and I’ve enjoyed listening to them.  One is called “ Daddy Plays: Guitar Lullabies” and it is a delightfully soothing collection of children’s songs played on, of course, the guitar.  It was so relaxing and enjoyable I wished I had a grandchild to hold and rock while listening to it!  It also made me want to grab my guitar and start practicing. The website is here or you can download the Cd here

The 2nd CD is called “Popcorn Bopping” and it is full of fun, jazzy version of lots of LDS children’s songs. These are performed by a children’s choir and are done in good taste.  Their version of  “Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked” made me want to dance instead of walk.  Really fun!
Please leave me a comment and I’ll have the giveaway winners announced next week, on June 30.  I’ve heard that some people aren’t able to leave a comment.  If you’re having trouble please email me your comment at:


  1. I already won last, but I thought I would press my luck and leave a comment this time too.
    I am loving my book by the way! It's great! I'm going to loan it to a friend as soon as I finish. Thanks!

  2. Pam -

    Cathy please pick me,me,me. I would love the one with guitar music.
    I entered one of your give a ways before, but was not lucky enough to win. I love to listen to music cd's of guitar music, it is so soothing.

  3. I love guitar music! These sound fun.

  4. I'm always in on the give-a-ways. Thanks for offering those.

  5. You find the coolest CDs, Cathy! That guitar lullabies one looks especially great! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  6. I would love to win either cd. I am always looking for more music to share with the kids, especially when we are in the car. For some crazy reason they don't like my talk radio stations. =)

  7. My boys would love this. We'd have such a great time. Thanks for the giveaway. Bekirk6452@aoldotcom

  8. I'm always in need of a new kid's CD. Raffi, and Elmo and the Orchestra get old fast. :)




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