Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parenting Tip #59 Self esteem or Self worth?

What's the difference between self esteem and self worth? Karen Eddington, founder of Cauliflower Retreat(an outreach program designed to empower women and teens using positive messages of self-worth)says there is a big difference. She states "It’s time for a new message. We encourage you to think and act more positively about self-worth starting in the home." She offers self-worth support, skills, and techniques that you can teach to your children before they reach teenage years and while they are in them.

One suggestion Karen gives parents is to not label your child. It's so easy to say, "Josh is the athletic member in our family and Jordon is the intellectual one." That kind of statement puts a limit on what each son can accomplish.

My daughter-in-law is part of Cauliflower Retreat and it has been rewarding for me to see how deeply she cares and wants to help youth feel good about who they are.

Home should be the haven our children come home to where they can feel secure enough to grow and create their best self. We, as parents, can help them on their path. Visit Karen's website to get specific and easy suggestions that you can incorporate into your family's dialogue.

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  1. The never ending parental labels may be our doom! I even notice it coming from the grandparents sometimes. It is so difficult to just recognize kids for what they are and not make any assumptions about what they will become.

    But I love watching them bloom everyday! The Cauliflower Retreat sounds really interesting.

    Thanks so much for voting for my son! He is just so fired up about music composition and I
    want to keep fanning the flames!





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