Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Tip #57 Geometry loops (stretchy shape loops)

Here’s a fun idea I borrowed from this blog:

I bought the lycra and made 15 of the stretchy loops and took them to school. I had my students draw shapes on the whiteboard—triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, trapezoid, etc. Then I pointed to a shape on the board and they made the shape with their stretchy loops. For the older classes, (4th – 6th grade) I counted 8 beats for them to get their shape made by. With the younger classes, I just let them take the time they needed. Then I would call out another shape, or if it was a triangle, I would say to make another kind of triangle. Since I didn't have enough loops for every student, we took turns and students helped each other make the shape if they needed help.

After they had practiced making the shapes, we had a silent shape dance. I put on music and without talking, pointed to a shape on the board, which they would make, and then dance or sway to until I pointed to another shape. Surprisingly, the 6th graders had the most fun with this activity. Also, with the 5th and 6th graders, I asked them to make a cube, pyramid and 3D rectangle (involving 4 students). They loved it.

If my daughter or daughter-in-laws are reading this, don't make any stretchy loops--I'm making some for Christmas presents!

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  1. Perfect! I was just going to email you to make some for stocking stuffers!! I can't wait to try these out when we come to AZ!




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