Monday, August 17, 2009

Music Tip #1 - Musical Temper Tantrums

Each week I will be posting a parenting tip and a music tip--something that might help you and your child in the daily routine of family life. You don't have to sing well or be musically inclined to enjoy the benefits of these tips. Just try them and see if they help!
Did your child wake up on the wrong side of the bed--nothing you do seems to be what he wants? If your child is having a hard time--no matter if he is 18 months or 8 years old--try singing. This is such unexpected behavior from you, that usually your child will stop crying or at least quiet down and listen to what is happening. Sing a favorite song, folk song, make up nonsense words, whatever. Sing out of tune, in tune, sing loud then whisper. Use variety. Add some tickling. Then some hugging. Get your child busy doing something else and hopefully you'll have averted a major meltdown.
Husbands: Maybe you should try this on your wife the next time she is having "one of those days"!

Feel free to comment and share your experiences with us.

1 comment:

  1. I remember you doing this to me when I would get upset. You would come sit on my bed and sing me songs that would make me laugh. I remember wanting to stay upset, but I couldn't help laughing.




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