Monday, August 17, 2009

Parenting Tip #1 - Training Wheels

Aaron, my third child (and third son) was learning how to walk. It was so fun watching him take a few steps, fall down, then get right back up and try again. My oldest son, Benjamin age 4, was watching his brother fall over and over again and said, "Momma, Aaron needs training wheels, doesn't he?"

Do you ever wish you could have "parenting training wheels"? After failing over and over again as a parent, have you ever just wanted to give up? But watch your toddler as he/she learns to walk. He tries over and over--and eventually learns to walk. We, as parents, can learn to take a step at a time toward good parenting skills and soon we, too, will be riding a two wheeler minus the training wheels!

By the way, this is Aaron today (and he has three children of his own). He really should take those training wheels off because he's a GREAT parent!


  1. Interesting analogy. I was just wondering if single parents and their efforts might be compared to riding a unicycle. Could be, I suppose; but, don't we all symbolically ride that unicycle on a regular basis? And, have you ever noticed that part of the struggle and skill of staying upright on one of those things requires one to go backwards or side-to-side once in a while? Nuthin' wrong wit dat!

  2. Unicyle....hmmm. Very insightful. Yes, life is constantly a balancing act, and just when we/re not wobbling anymore and riding straight, something new is thrown at us and we start juggling and balancing all over again.




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