Monday, July 27, 2009

ASU's Fall Semester of Baby/Preschool Music Classes

Registration for ASU's Fall semester of Baby and Preschool music classes will begin in August.
These are fun classes you won't want to miss out on! They are held on Saturday mornings and will begin September 5th. To register go to:

Can You Sing a Rainbow? Age 1 and parent

Parents and toddlers will discover the different colors of music, as they dance with colored scarves, bounce with balls, play instruments to jam sessions and sing a variety of songs. Experience the many styles of music and see how you can incorporate them into your home to make your child's home routines flow easier.

Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose, rhythms and rhymes and music sublime! Age 2 and parent

Wordplay, rhymes, music, and movement--all these activities and more will delight your child as he enters the world of words. Let music help your child acquire speaking vocabulary and prepare her/him for the wonder of reading to come.

Let's Sing, Let's Play, Let's Wiggle and Move! Age 3 and parent

You and your child will experience music with your whole body! You'll use your voice to sing, your ears to listen to music, your hands to play drums and your feet to dance. See how you can harness your child's energy through music!

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