Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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I'm a music teacher with a passion for teaching music to children. I teach music classes for:
1. Babies and parents
2. Preschool age children and parents
3. Suzuki piano lessons and traditional piano lessons with a twist!
4. Homeschoolers at Eagleridge Enrichment Program through the Mesa School District
I teach music classes for babies and their parents as well as music classes for preschoolers and their parents through ASU's community school classes. This is a community education resource that offers classes in many areas. To view class schedules and to register for classes go to: http://communityschool.asu.edu/classes/preschoolers.php (registration for Fall Semester begins in Aug)
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I also teach music classes for families with
multiple age preschool children. I love to teach
these classes at Retirement Centers where we can involve the "grandmas and grandpas" who live there. New classes will begin in September. To register for these classes email me at playsmusic@hotmail.com

I teach piano lessons in my home.
What a wonderful gift to give your child, the ability to make music and use it to enrich his/her life as well as others. Besides the gift of music, you are giving him the opportunity to learn self discipline, consistency, how to break a difficult thing down into manageable pieces, perseverance, math skills, listening discrimination, etc.

I teach piano using the Suzuki Method. Children as young as 3 or 4 years of age can easily be taught to play any musical instrument using this method. Children listen to their songs, then learn to play their songs, and finally learn to read music. (for more info go to http://suzukiassociation.org/) However, since children learn in many different ways, I also teach "traditional piano" with a fun twist!
If you are interested in your child learning to play the piano, please email me at playsmusic@hotmail.com


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