Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Parenting Tips - Be Nice

Summer is here.  School is out.  I'm depressed. I've been crying for no reason and can't think or plan future events, make decisions or feel excited about anything.  Classic symptoms of depression.

But why?

Well, I hate the heat.  I'm an outdoor person and crave being outside and feeling a cool breeze.

But that's not it.  Why would I cry all the time and feel so muddled in my mind just because it's hot?

Then it hit me.  Oh yea, I'm subconsciously preparing for the anniversary of when my husband passed away on August 8 three years ago.  A year later his mother, who was living with me, passed away in July.  So summer is a time of loss for me.  It's a traumatic time for me.

No wonder I'm depressed! And cry.

And now that I figured out the reason, I feel less depressed.  I understand the reasoning for my emotions, and while I still cry and can't seem to cope very well, I do feel stronger for longer periods of time.

If you talked to me or watched me right now, you would never know I am coping with depression.
That's one reason I'm writing this blog.  If YOU are feeling depressed, I am really sorry for you.  Try to see if you have a trigger that is bringing on your depression.  Try to analyze what is going on.  It helps--a little.

If you don't have depression, be nice to everyone around you.  Be understanding and nonjudgmental of others.

If you have gone through grief and loss, you know it is a constant battle of emotions.  People tell me I have handled my husband's death so well.  They think I've "conquered it", that I'm a whole person again. I'm not.  I'm still struggling and I still need prayers and understanding and kindness. 

I guess that's why I really wrote this blog post.  Can we all be nicer and more thoughtful to others? We don't know or understand what they are going through.  While they appear strong on the outside, they are crying and falling apart when they are alone.

Summer--get thee behind me.

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