Sunday, May 25, 2014

Parenting Tip - Use the Internet for Good in Your Family

 Have you noticed that anything good in the world has it's opposite?  Think of the contrasts you see in music, movies and books--so much good, but also so much bad.  My mission in life is to find the good, the uplifting, the educational and share it!

I just found some wonderful uplifting videos on that would be a great addition to your Sunday-after-Church-time for your children to watch or extensions to lessons and Family Home Evenings.

Go to this site more tips on using media to teach your family through videos, pictures, music and even creating your own videos or photographs to share with others.

 Want to share or use quotations with art to go with it?  Check out this section of for countless illustrated uplifting quotations.
Or how about making your own illustrated quotations?  Photograph your children and add a quote.  I did this years ago in the old fashion homemade way by taking a photograph of my children on my camera, taking the film to the store to get developed, gluing the photo to cardstock, adding the quotation, then taking it to the copy store to be  laminated. 

But now look at the easy, professional results you can get by taking the picture with your smart phone, adding the quotation on the computer and sending it to Walgreens or Costco for a glossy print or poster and getting it back in one hour!!

 Want to find out other ways to use media to uplift your family?  Look here for many more ways.

What else is out there?  Please share with us other sites and ideas on using computers, media and the internet to enhance our families lives.

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