Sunday, July 22, 2012

Parenting Tip - Intentionally Teaching your Children

My daughter-in-law, Katie, was on Studio 5 TV in Utah offering some parenting advice.

It was on a theme that is dear to my heart:  intentionally teaching values to your children.  You are your child's parent/teacher/mentor.  Your child is learning every day--learning from your actions, from what you do and say and also from what you don't do or say. 
You can facilitate this learning by naming it.  
"You are learning how to be responsible when I give you chores to do."  
"You are learning how to be accountable and dependable when you get consequences for choosing not to do your chores."
"You are learning how to be a good sport when we play games together and you don't always win."
"You are learning how to be brave and have courage when you go to swimming lessons even though you're afraid."

And to you parents, I say:
"You are learning how to be effective parents when you try and implement new ideas for your family!"

Way to go parents--YOU make a difference.  
You are important to your child!

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