Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parenting Tip - Save the Cookie Cutters for Cookies

Cookie cutters.  Metal or plastic shapes devised to cut out cookies so they will all turn out uniform and identical. 


Mothers.  Teachers of offspring, responsible for teaching them to become law abiding and loving citizens.


Does our society produce cookie cutter mothers?  Do we put pressure on ourselves to become a cookie cutter mother? Do we look at our neighbors and try to mother the way they do?    Do we try to get our children to look the same way? Act the same way? Be involved in the same activities?


Every family is different because the make up the family—the Mom and Dad and children—are different.  Celebrate these differences!


Are you a Mom who is active and likes sports?  Then run and swim and dance and have fun with your children.


Are you a Mom who loves to draw and paint?  Then get out the crayons, markers, and play dough and draw and sculpt with your children.  Have fun being an artist.


Are you a Mom who loves to read?  Then read with your children.  Go to the library or sit at home and read, and laugh and share books.


Are you a Mom who doesn’t know what she likes to do or is good at?  Then explore.  Go to the park and play, go to the library and read, go to the museum and discover new ideas.  Involve your children in your discovery.


Be a mother YOUR way.  Be a mother who lets her children discover THEIR way. Put blinders on what the other mothers are doing that cause you guilt and envy.  Allow them to be mothers in their own way and take advantage of your differences.


                                               Be a MOM and enjoy doing it YOUR way!




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