Sunday, January 15, 2012

Parenting Tip - Press Here

I just discovered THE coolest book.  It’s called “Press Here” by Herve’ Tullet.  I found it in the gift store at the Phoenix Children’s Museum, which is THE coolest museum!



The book is so clever.  You start with just one yellow dot on the page with the instructions to “press here and turn the page”.  The next page has two yellow dots with the instructions to press the yellow dot again. Guess what?  Yes, the next page has 3 yellow dots.  But now the directions say to rub gently the dot on the left.  Turn the page, and poof, it has become red.


On each page the child is asked to do something, like lean to the left, or shake the book, which then changes the dots and colors on the following pages.  I was so intrigued with it.  Then my son said, “it’s like an e book, but it’s not.”  Right!  That’s what caught my interest.  It is what you would expect from technology—touching the screen and dots change color and move around—but it’s in a simple old fashioned book.


I took Press Here to school and used it with my Kindergarten and 1st grade music classes and they LOVED it.  They squealed with excitement each time I turned the page.  I let them take turns pressing the dots and gently rubbing them or whatever the book said to do and they were totally engrossed.

 Then I divided the class into three groups (representing the yellow, red and blue dots in the book) and gave each group a different instrument family.  This time when I read the book, they got to play their instrument at the appropriate time.  There’s even a few pages where I turned the lights off—but you’ll have to read the book to find out where that might have been.


Check your local library for other books by Herve’Tullet.


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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing how you used it in your music lessons...can't wait to find the book and give it a try with my K-1's! :)

  2. I found this book at a museum, too, and we love it! In fact, I took it to a primary activity to read to a small group of 2 kids. This book is so fun, it brought a bigger crowd. Other kids stopped to interact--touch, blow, clap. It was fun!

  3. I will be checking this book out! My kiddos LOVE it when I use any old book and have them push pictures. I will label, make the animal sound, or say a short, silly, phrase that might come out of that character's mouth. It's always a hit (and you never have to replace any batteries! :)




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