Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music Tip #72 Helpful Songs

I’ve written songs throughout my adult life. Some have been published—others haven’t. My most famous song –to my kids, that is--is one that I use to sing when I was stressed out, had a hundred things to do and had no energy to do them with. It’s called, “I’ve Got Energy”. I was trying to psych myself out, I guess.

Another song I recently wrote is one to help me with one of my vices. Coveting. I never thought of myself as a coveter (is that a word?). Perhaps I was a little jealous and envious of other people’s nicer-than-mine house, or financial status or beauty. But I didn’t think I coveted—until one year in Sunday School when we were discussing the 10 Commandments and that one came up. Whoa—it sure sounded like what I was doing.

So I wrote this little song to help me overcome my feelings and put life back into perspective. You sing it to the tune of Are You Sleeping.

Do not covet. Do not covet.
Don’t you dare. Don’t compare.
Coveting’s a dreadful sin.
Makes you bitter, no one wins.
Count your Blessings.
Count your Blessings!

So I hope you can use my two little songs some day. The next time you have no energy, sing I Have Energy from the top of your lungs. You really have to shout it out. And did I mention you have to dance while you’re singing it?

Or if you find yourself coveting, sing Do Not Covet in your head over and over again.

Happy singing!


  1. These are cute songs and more applicable to my life now. When I worked as a teller and people we driving me crazy I would sing to myself "I don't care, I don't care, Its silly to really care" repeated as many times as needed.

  2. "I've Got Energy" is a favorite around here! (Mostly with me. I try to get myself to believe it!)




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