Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Give-Away is Here!

I’m happy to have another giveaway on my blog for two items—a new music CD and a book for parents of preschoolers.

The book, The Smarter Preschooler, Unlocking Your Child’s Intellectual Potential is written by a husband/wife team, Renee and Mike Mosiman, whose sons I teach at my school (our school provides enrichment classes to homeschooled families). Did I mention yet that this book is excellent? It is a "user-friendly" book that speaks to parents and educators alike. It covers a wide range of topics of interest for parents who want to be proactive in their children's lives. There are many research findings included in each topic with pertinent examples sprinkled throughout each chapter. There are lots of great "down to earth" ideas that parents can easily incorporate into their child's life.

One of the reasons I like this book is because Renee and Mike think like I do on important topics like play, the arts, t.v., and family time. They encourage lots of free play, less t.v., and quality family time. They suggest ideas on which chores preschoolers are capable of doing, how to make running errands a learning and fun experience, and discuss the pros and cons of sending your child to preschool.

If you are a new parent of a preschooler or an experienced [and perhaps tired] one, this book will excite you with ideas, information and support.

The music CD is called Women of Hope-giving voice to your heart. It brings together the best talents in the LDS music community in celebration of the power of women. It features original songs performed by favorite singers such as Hilary Weeks, Cherie Call, Mercy River and more. It is produced by Tyler Castleton with Kurt Bestor.

This is a CD that grows on you and becomes better each time you listen to it. The first time I heard it I enjoyed listening to it. The 2nd time I enjoyed it even more. Each time I played it, it brought feelings of love and peace.

With song titles like By Our Love, Legacy, Hope on the Horizon, Find Mercy and God Will Give You Wings, you can see what a powerful CD it is.

Leave me a comment and mention which give away you are interested in, the book or CD, or if you want to be entered in both, tell me that too. Make sure your email address shows!

I’ll choose the lucky winners next Monday.


  1. That book looks really interesting!

  2. The book sounds fabulous!

  3. Oh the book sounds perfect. My oldest is turning 4. Just what I need.

    The CD sounds awesome so I'd like both if possible.

  4. I would love to win either one of these! Thanks for the giveaway!
    jennybay at gmail dot com

  5. The book sounds great, but I'd welcome a chance for either one.
    sL9w4 at hotmail

  6. I would love to win the book(:
    I love your blog, and I love your piano lessons!!!

  7. They both sound wonderful to me, count me in if I'm not too late!




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