Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music Tip #66 Steps in learning a new piece of music

I’m trying to help my piano students visualize the steps toward learning a piece of music, especially if it is a longer, more challenging piece than you can learn in one week. I gave them a chart with a ladder that shows the steps towards learning their piece. Then as they accomplished each step, they put a sticker on that step. When the top and last step was achieved, they put a BIG sticker on that step and was rewarded with a piece of candy.

I tried to attach my chart, but can't figure out how to do it. So here are the steps I teach my students:
1. learn the notes (right hand then left hand)
2. learn the correct fingering (while learning the notes)
3. put both hands together
4. play piece with a steady beat
5. add dynamics
6. listen for balance of hands (melody louder)

This chart accomplished a couple of things. It taught them how to break down a big task into smaller, attainable chunks. It taught them the pattern and order of learning a song. And it rewarded them along the way (the stickers).

When you think of it, isn’t that a great technique to incorporate into other aspects of our life, like school, work, relationships, and chores? Break hard things into smaller manageable pieces, find an order to your chaos and reward yourself along the way. teaches more than music!

1 comment:

  1. Music certainly does teach more. I agree with the content of your steps. I also try to make the point that the is joy in the mastery of each step. Playing a few measures well can be a victory for one day.




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