Sunday, January 30, 2011

Music Tip #63 Choir arrangements

I’m the ward choir director in my church and direct a youth choir as well as the adult choir. I recently found a good source for hymn arrangements for choir music. And did I mention it was free? Steven Smith’s website has a wealth of great arrangements for ward choirs. Today my youth choir sang the arrangement of Come Follow Me. Instead of using the vocal descant and/or violin descant, I wrote a descant for bells and had four young women play it on resonator bells. And yesterday my daughter and I played Steven’s arrangement of Come Follow Me for the viola and piano at a Stake Women’s Conference. Great arrangements of a beautiful hymn. Thanks Steven.

Resonator bells are more affordable than handbells. I recently joined a handbell group and am having a great time. But handbells are very expensive. Resonator bells are a cheaper way to go and still let children enjoy the opportunity of playing in a bell ensemble. A 25 note chromatic set of resonator bells range from $170-$270 depending on if the base is made from wood or plastic. Two octaves of handbells will cost over $5,000.


  1. Thank-you, Cathy, for that link. I am going to peruse the site this morning.

  2. Mrs. Shepherd, What a great blog you have here! My husband & I - faithful Catholics - appreciate the Mormon parenting & family-life structure - we have great Mormon neighbors. Your parenting thoughts are wonderful! I wanted to post a comment to the Eagleridge 5th grade States video but couldn't there so thought I would here - fantastic work with our kiddos, thanks so much!! Christy Bronson

  3. Thanks Christy. I love your children. You can tell that you are teaching your children correct principles.

    I'll see if I can add the comment section to my school blog.

  4. Thanks, too, Christy, for your apparent willingness and ability to "be edified together" in common ground.

    Cathy, the bells were a beautiful addition that day. And, I truly did love the gorgeous rendition that you and Charity shared together. It filled me up!




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