Sunday, April 25, 2010

Parenting Tip #36 School teacher's tips

My sister has never married. She is a school teacher and has taught 3rd or 6th grade for over 40 years. I asked her for some parenting tips because even though she is not a parent to a biological child, she has been a parent to hundreds of children over the years.
These are her comments:
1. Respect your children. For eternity we will be contemporaries (she said this because of our belief that there will be life after death, and we will be with our families there)
2.Don’t make the older child always give in to the younger child just because he’s younger. Be fair-- if the true facts are known. The younger child is less likely to even remember the confrontation, while the older child will and start to resent the younger one.
3.Be sure your kids know you are honored and thrilled the Lord trusted you to be their parents.
4.Power struggles are a lose/lose situation. The adult should be the one smart enough to avoid or disengage. (use distraction and other techniques)
5.Don’t pit child against child (“Why can’t you get good grades like your brother?”) Every child has strengths. Talk about those frequently and publically!
6.Pass on second-hand compliments promptly. It’s a great feeling to get positive recognition from people outside your own home.
7.Stay single. That way there’s no evidence you’re a bad parent! (said with tongue in cheek)

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