Sunday, April 25, 2010

Music Tip #36 Inspired Music

I just listened to a great talk by Michael Ballam, a professor of music at Utah State University on the power of music.
He stated how the truly great composers were inspired from God and attributed their inspiration for composing to come from God.

"I immediately feel vibrations that thrill my whole being. These are the Spirit illuminating the soul power within, and in this exalted state, I see clearly what is obscure in my ordinary moods: Then I feel capable of drawing inspiration from above, as Beethoven did ... Straitway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God, and not only do I see distinct themes in my mind's eye but they are clothed in the right forms, harmonies and orchestration. Measure by measure, the finished product is revealed to me when I am in those rare, inspired moods.

The powers from which all truly great composers like Mozart, Schubert, Bach and Beethoven drew their inspiration is the same power that enabled Jesus to work his miracles.
It is the power that created our earth and the whole universe."

~Johannes Brahms
from "Talks with Great Composers" by Arthur M. Abell, published by Philosophical Library

Isn’t it interesting that the music of Beethoven, Brahms and Bach, while composed hundreds of years ago, is still played and listened to today while the music of hundreds of “popular” artists has long ago been forgotten.

I teach the Suzuki piano method and have taught it for over 20 years. The Suzuki piano repertoire never changes. It consists of classical pieces composed by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. I have taught the same pieces to hundreds of students for years and years. And I love teaching these pieces—I never tire of hearing these same melodies.

But when I teach the “reading” aspect of piano, I use different method books, those that you and I were taught from. I can only teach those pieces for 4-5 years until I am so sick of them I have to stop. Then I look for another method book and teach it for a few years until I’m sick of those songs.
Yet with the classics, I could teach them forever and find more and more interest in them.
Why? They were inspired from God and have God’s hand on them. They speak to my soul and my soul recognizes something eternal in them.

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