Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parenting Tip #34 TTT(Tried and Tested Tips)

At my ASU Baby Signing class on Saturday I heard a few of the mothers telling each other ideas they've been using that have worked with their toddlers. They said I could share them on my blog. I loved the idea of getting "tried and tested" tips (TTT)so I asked my extended family members to give me tips that have worked well for them. I received SO MANY great ideas, that I can't post them all in one week. So I will post just a few of them this week and each week or so I will post more of them.

Soren's mom said she plays music while giving her young son his bath. HER KIND OF MUSIC. That way bathtime doesn't seem so long and boring!

Troy's mom said she has Troy say "bye, bye" when leaving the park, a friend's house, etc. This makes the transition easier and Troy is willing to leave.

Laney's mom said she learned to sign the alphabet when she was in fourth grade from her teacher. He had the class finger spell their spelling words in sign language each week and it really helped her learn how to spell her words.

Mark learned an important word when he was a teacher. HALT. It stands for hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Usually children fit into one of those categories when they have undesirable behavior (adults too). When your child is acting up, HALT. See if he needs to eat, rest, change activities or needs to express his emotions.

Katie said be consistent. Whatever you are doing with your kids, be consistent. Don't do idle threats because you are teaching them not to trust you. If they can't trust what you say, they won't be able to trust when you tell them you love them, either.

Faith said you can't have a constantly clean house AND be constantly nice and happy with your children. One of them has to suffer a little. Which one? (Depends on who's coming over...)And....say no to other people so you can say yes to your kids.

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