Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music Tip #32 Where's Baby? Chant

Here's a fun chant that you can say with your toddler, using a cloth, scarf or small blanket. We said it at our Baby Signing Class using sign language for some of the words.

Where's Baby?
One little baby boy [girl]
Singing through the day.
Two little baby boys[girls]
How they love to play!
Three little baby boys[girls]
Eating with a spoon.
Four little baby boys[girls]
Looking at the moon.
My little baby boy[girl]
Loves to hide from you.
Cover up my baby
'Til Mommy [Daddy]
says Boo!

Use the cloth/blanket during chant to tickle, play, eat and hide baby.
Repeat using the words girl or/and Daddy.
Words to sign: One, two, etc, baby, boy, girl, singing (which is the sign for music),play,eat,moon,mommy,daddy.
From Baby Sing and Sign by Anne Meeker Miller

Here's another fun chant to say with your baby, toddler or young child. Place him on your lap and bounce him as you say:

Two little sausages frying in the pan.
One went POP!
The other went BAM!

On the words Pop and Bam you can bounce your child high, or tip her to the side or whatever! Say the chant several times in a row, getting faster and faster. You can whisper the chant, then say it loud. Use lots of variety and have lots of fun!

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