Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Tip #30 Sing and Sign with your baby

I'm teaching a really fun class at ASU for toddlers and their parents. The class teaches ASL signs to babies/toddlers through music. I'm sure lots of you know the benefits of teaching sign language to babies--and a lot of you have probably already done it. I found a great book that has lots of ideas, songs, pictures of people/children signing and lots of games, books to read your baby and tips on using the songs with your baby. Plus it contains the CD of all the songs. And it only costs $1.99. I ordered a book, thinking the CD must not come with it, but it does! The shipping cost more than the book ($3.99), so if you know some friends who might like a book/CD too, you could go in with them and share the shipping price.

Here's the link:

Well......I just checked out the website, and now they're charging $5 for the book!! What happened???? There are some used ones though for less than a dollar. Take a look at the site if you're interested.

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