Sunday, November 29, 2009

Music Tip #16 Dance!

I went to my nephew's wedding this weekend. At the reception they had dancing and as I watched everyone dance I saw smiles, heard laughter and saw enjoyment on everyone's faces. The music was versatile and soon I heard the strains of "The Hokey Pokey" playing. My sister-in-law grabbed by arm and I found myself dancing with everyone else. It was fun!

But that's the only dance I danced (except for half a dance with my brother). I was too self conscious to join my nieces out on the dance floor. They were having a great time and when they started line dancing I really wanted to learn the steps and dance. But I thought how silly everyone would think I looked--an old lady out dancing with all the youth.

I missed out on a lot of fun. As the night wore on I noticed two older women about my age dancing on the sidelines. They were smiling and laughing and having a great time. I wished I could be as confident as they were so I could dance too. Oh well. I decided I would dance at home.

What a fun family activity--dancing. Put some music on and dance with your children. Dance by yourself. Dance to decrease your stress, to lose weight, to exercise, to have fun!

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  1. whatever, kathy. you are faith's mom. now get out on that dance floor and shake your bootie. i'm sure faith inherited her moves from you (you two are so much alike, at least in my opinion) and you would be a hit at the dance! i went to many many dances with faith growing up and i was always so envious of how carefree she seemed. she was always able to let loose and have a good time. what a good example to me.




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