Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Music Tip #14 "Dad, that music is powerful"

My son took his family to a concert a few weeks ago. It was a pianist, Jon Schmidt, who has become a family favorite. The orchestra was accompanying Jon on one of the numbers and it was rich and full and loud. Kayli, my 6 year old granddaughter, leaned over and whispered to her Dad, “this music is really powerful!” Her Dad replied, “how do you know?” She answered, “because I feel the Spirit.”

Kayli, at age 6 could feel the Lord’s Spirit whisper truth to her. Music IS powerful! It affects our emotions. It can soothe, excite, relax, and energize.

When my daughter lived at home, she always had music playing in the background. The orchestra teacher at school, who was a colleague of mine and talked to me on the phone quite often, commented, “you always have music playing at your house. I need to do that more often.”

This daughter has since married and moved away, and I’ve noticed how quiet our house has become. I have lots and lots of CDs sitting on the shelf. But do I play them? I did one summer. I decided to go straight through all my CD’s and play every single one of them. I think I’ll do that again. Right now I’m listening to the soundtrack from Enchanted.

What are you listening to?


  1. Taylor Swift! (She's not just for teenagers.) :)

  2. The Kurt Bestor station on Pandora

  3. Owl City. Listen to "Fireflies" on YouTube. But maybe not with your kids--they'll be singing it constantly!




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