Monday, October 5, 2009

Parenting Tip #8The wicked old witch!

Many years ago, my five year old son and I had been having a hard day. We were constantly at odds with each other and there had been much crying all day. That evening as I was getting ready to go to a Church play practice, he asked me, "what are you in the play? The wicked old witch?"

Another son didn't think much of my cooking and every evening we had to listen to him complain about the food. One night he asked me what was for dinner and I enthusiastically replied, "Chicken Burrito Ole!"
"Oh," he replied, "I wasn't hungry anyway."

Poor Moms! Especially moms with young children. You go unappreciated for years. You do the washing, cooking, cleaning, teaching and disciplining. It's seldom that you get the thanks and praise you deserve.

But please stay with it Moms! You are doing the most important job in the world! You are raising the children that will become the next generation. You are teaching your children to be responsible, kind, honest. You won't get any thanks for a long time. But trust me, someday your children WILL come back and tell you thanks for all you have done for them. Just be patient!

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