Sunday, October 25, 2009

Music Tip #11 Songs my parents sang to me

I asked my family and friends to email me some of the songs they remember their parents singing to them. I acquired quite a list. One friend remembered sitting on a stool between the two front seats of their motor home and singing "I've been workin' on the railroad" at the top of her lungs. Others harmonized with family members while singing in the car. My son plays his guitar and sings to his kids at night.

Here's a song (?) a friend remembers her mom passing down:
"I spoke to my plants. There came no reply.
So I sang. And that's when they died."

Here's the titles of some of the other songs sent to me. See if any of them sound familiar to you:
Horsey, Horsey, I Once Had a Doll, Down in the Valley, 3 Little Fishes, Mairzy doats and dozy doats, Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven, Stars are the Windows of Heaven, The man who has plenty of good peanuts...

Then there's the song my mother always sang to me to wake me up in the morning, "Good morning, good morning, good morning, enchilada on a tortilla!" That's become a family favorite!
What songs are you passing down to your children?

1 comment:

  1. My mom used to sing The Little Blue Man to us on road trips, so now I sing it to my kids. That, and Puff the Magic Dragon.




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