Sunday, October 11, 2009

Music Tip # 9 Car Time-Song Time

Do you feel like you're a taxi cab driver and spend most of the day in the car with your children? Want to make car time a happy time? Play music CDs. I'm sure you already do this. What are you favorite CDs to listen to? There are a ton of children's CDs you can buy or borrow from the library. My daughter just found a fun CD by Burl Ives. Ever heard of him? You might recognize his voice as Sam, the snowman on the old animated Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer movie. You could put in a CD of nursery rhymes and pass on the rich heritage of Mother Goose to your children. Or a CD of folk songs like My Bonnie lies over the ocean, Home, Home on the Range, etc. My granddaughter in Virginia insists on playing the same CD each week when driving home from Church.

Some Suzuki students listen to their music CDs while traveling in the car. Music can turn the drive time into a learning time, jam session, or even a lullaby time. Take advantage of car time to sample some different styles of music from CDs you've rented from the library. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite CDs to listen to.


  1. Right now we are enjoying the Kidz Bop Halloween CD, my kids love the purple people eater and Ghostbusters.

  2. Here's a couple of fun cds...

    *Burl Ives, A Twinkle in Your Eye
    *Andrew Gold, Halloween Howls
    *They Might Be Giants, Here Come the ABC's

  3. I remember driving from DC to Virginia with the Virginia Shepherds and the kids were very tired and grumpy. We started singing Primary songs and it helped the children calm down.

  4. My kids like soundtracks to movies, but their current favorite is the "Wicked" soundtrack. Ember especially likes the song 'Popular.' They also like the Disney CD's, especially the High School Musical soundtracks.




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