Thursday, June 6, 2013

Parenting Tip - Housework Scavenger Hunt

 Summer is here for lots of you moms out there.  Now is the time to get some strategies going so that you have a successful and happy summer.  My daughter just emailed what she was doing today and I thought I should share it.

Problem: The house is a mess today and I can't and shouldn't clean it all myself.
Solution: A Housework Scavenger Hunt!
(We earn stickers for chores that later transfer into quarters.)

Here are the clues:
 We’ll start in a place where we like to hang out.
Reading and piano are what this room's about.

Let’s go to a room where we all like to sit.
We brush, wash, and ‘go’ there. Can you think of it?

Now let’s collect yucky stuff all over the house.
We need to get it out before it attracts a mouse!

Let’s go to the room that is mostly clean in part.
Just clutter from projects and animals and art.

Now each of you start on the room where you dress.
Pick up 30 things each while I sweep up this mess.

We’ll go back to bedrooms after piano lessons are done.
For now get 2 stickers and then go have some fun.

 Ok, let’s get back to the place where we drop
Shoes, backpacks, mittens, lunchboxes, papers and socks.

Now that that’s finished, who’s up for a race?
Get an old rag and let’s mop this whole place.

Let’s straighten the room with the big fireplace.
It shouldn’t take long, there’s not much out of place.

Now let’s finish up where you lay down your heads.
If we get it sparkling we can rearrange some beds.

While we are here, let’s straighten another little room.
It’s hardly a mess and does not need a broom.

I think we are almost done with our chores.
Put up 2 more stickers, then put clothes in your drawers.

You were such a big help, I couldn’t have done it without you!
Please go eat a popsicle as my way of saying THANK YOU!!

Good luck with your summer ideas!  I'll be posting lots more ideas, so check back often.
Thanks for reading,




  1. I love it!! I think I'll steal this idea! Thanks

  2. Fun, fun ideas! Where were you when I was raising my children~oh, I know~raising your own!!! Wish I had been as creative and fun!




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