Sunday, February 12, 2012

Parenting Tip - Run Slow

Often I see a man in my neighborhood jogging down the street.  Lately I’ve noticed that though technically he IS jogging, I think I could walk faster than he runs.  Yet in his mind he is running.


I’m a wanna be runner.  So when I go for my morning walks, I’ve been trying to run a little bit in between my walking.  The other day I had no more than started running and I was tired already.  For some reason I thought of the slow jogger and thought, “maybe if I just slow down a bit I can keep running.”  So I did and what do you know?  I was able to run a lot longer than if I had continued at the faster pace.


What does that have to do with parenting?  Sometimes we run to keep up with other moms we see so we can do all the great things they are doing.  But life is not a race.  You don’t have to run at someone else’s speed.  You only have to run as fast as YOU can run.  And sometimes that’s barely jogging.  So slow down-- but keep moving. 


Are you not as patient with your children as you wish you were?   You can’t be patient every moment of the day, but you can be patient lots of times during the day.  Allow yourself to slow down on how fast you have to become patient.  Be “patient” with yourself.


Do you feel guilty because your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are all not as perfectly healthy and nutritional as you want them to be?  Slow down.  Aim on getting a healthy dinner on the table 1 or 2 times a week.  Make a healthy afterschool snack once or twice during the week.  Gradually you’ll start to feel more confident and knowledgeable in this area and be able to add more healthy foods to your menus.


Is your house a disaster area?  Clutter everywhere?  Clothes, toys, books strewn here and there.  Take it slow.  Choose one room that you want to stay clean, such as the kitchen or living room.  Make that area a priority to keep uncluttered and nice.  Gradually add other rooms in your home until your energy level is equal to the task.


Remember there are many speeds of running. You don’t have to be at top speed.  You can  slow down, but just keep moving.  And if you have to start walking for awhile, then walk. Be nice to yourself but don’t quit and give up.


Okay then, get your running shoes on and let’s go.  Go at YOUR pace.  Enjoy!


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  1. Your blog, by far, is my most favorite to read! Thank you!!

  2. This is so true. If I can just keep the kitchen clean, which is an ongoing chore, I am so much happier and feel like I accomplished so much more at the end of the day. Just by keeping the kitchen clean, I feel like a super mom/wife. If the kitchen is dirty and it's very late at night, watch out for Mrs. Irritable.




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