Thursday, February 2, 2012

Parenting Tip - Declare a Family Read-a-thon Day!

 On Tuesday one of my piano students came to piano lessons in his pajamas.  Actually, his mother did too!  But she quickly explained that it was their family's read-a-thon day.  They stay in their pjs all day long, take the phone off the hook and read, read, read.  

Their piano lesson was at 2:00 in the afternoon and she had been reading outloud to her kids all morning long.  So far they had read over 80 books that morning!  She has stacks and stacks of books and loves to find them at garage sales.  When her husband gets home from work, he gets to read outloud for a while too.

Hmmm....I'm definitely thinking of adopting their read-a-thon idea.  I'll just make my own holiday, cancel all my teaching, buy a lot of chocolate, and read, read, read.  Thanks for the idea Kimmie and Stanton!


Here's a picture of all the books they read.  Click here to read Kimmie's blog.

Here's some fun places my grandchildren found to read when they came to visit one time:

Happy Reading!



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  1. I love that idea!! We recently rearranged and moved our love seat (that we are getting rid of) to the front porch. That is now Jeffrey's favorite place to read. Last weekend he filled up a laundry basket with books, we took it and a blanket to the outdoor couch and bundled up and read. We'll have to try a whole day of reading.




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