Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parenting Tip #38 Teach Your Children

What is a parent? A parent is a teacher. Who does a parent teach? Their child, of course! Here are some ideas from my daughter-in-law Katie, and my brother Paul and his wife Cheryl Ann:
Teach kids to be assertive. Give them choices within the bounds you have set. Example: they need to get dressed, you set that bound. BUT they can pick which shirt they want. You are still being the standard, but letting them have power in the choices they are making. This will help them trust their own judgment and be able to stand up for themselves when they need to. Being assertive teaches them they have a voice and can, and should be respected for it.
Teach children what you expect of them. If you want your children to sit still, teach them what it means to sit still. If they don’t understand what their body is supposed to do when you say sit still, then how are they ever going to know how to sit still?
Teach your children to do chores. If you invite your children to do chores beside you, they are happy to and you actually get more done.
Teach girls what it means to be a girl. How to act like a girl and how a boy should treat them. Some people don’t get respected because they don’t demand respect. Girls need to learn what it means to be a lady so they will never put up with someone who doesn’t treat them that way.
Teach boys what it means to be a boy and how to treat girls. Such things as holding open a door for a girl or not hitting a girl; pretty basic, but needed.

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is parents who are too passive. Children need good parents--not good friends. Be the parent, run the home, be in charge. Parents think their children will just know things. Our duty is to teach them. That’s the job God gave us. Children need someone to rely on and to teach them. Teach with love and enjoy your child!

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