Sunday, May 9, 2010

Music Tip #38 The Dumb Song

For all you piano players out there…or piano teachers or piano parents who are looking for a fun song to GRAB your interest, student or child, here’s a fun one I was introduced to by one of my students at school the other day. It’s called “The Dumb Song” by Jon Schmidt (just the title alone will grab preteen/teenage students). You can listen to it here: and buy it here:

I've been trying to find fun music that will catch my piano students' interest. I've simplified some of the them, or found them simplified in various places. Here's some that most students like: Addams Family, Axel F, Baby Elephant Walk,The Entertainer, Ghostbusters, In the Hall of the Mountain King,Indiana Jones, It's a Small World,Linus and Lucy,Mission Impossible, Pink Panther,Somewhere over the Rainbow, Star Wars, and We Will Rock You.
Here's a link that has free downloads of simplified music:
Please share piano songs that you know of that are a hit with your child or students.

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  1. Jeffrey LOVES the Dumb Song, he asks for it by name (which I can't say I'm totally happy with the fact that my 3 yr old knows the word dumb, but at least he doesn't know the meaning, in his world it's just the name of a great song!) My mom got a Jon Schmidt CD a while back and I love his music.
    Also, thanks for the great parenting tips, they made me think!




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