Saturday, February 27, 2010

ASU Class 2nd Week

Here's some pictures of our class today.

We reviewed the baby signs of "mommy", "daddy" and "more". We learned the sign for "music" and "dog". One fun idea was to make a laminated placemat containing pictures of mommy, daddy, baby and other family members. The placemat can be put on baby's high chair tray. Then while you're fixing your child's food, or while she is eating finger food you can point to the pictures or have your baby point to the pictures and say The Mommy Wiggle rhyme.

This is the mommy, sweet as can be.
This is the daddy who snuggles with me.
This is the sister, she loves to play.
This is the brother who shouts "Hoo-ray!"
This is the baby who thinks she's Queen (he's King) and
This is the song that they love to sing:
La la la la, La la la la la!

You can also make a ziplock bag book with family pictures. Paste pictures on cardstock the size of the sandwich bags, put in bags and close the sides. Then punch holes in the side of the bag, insert metal rings and you have a baby-proof book.
You can point to the pictures and make the sign for it to help your baby learn the signs for family members. Don't forget pictures of grandma and grandpa, too!

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