Sunday, December 27, 2009

Parenting Tip #19 Best Toys this year

As a grandma, I'm always wanting to give my grandchildren "The Best Toy" there is-whether it's for their birthday or Christmas or whatever. This Christmas I tried to notice what toys were played with the most or enjoyed. It seems that dolls are always a hit--if the girls likes dolls. Boys like to play with cars, helicopters, anything that moves, etc. One grandson got boxing gloves that talked when you hit with them and though I didn't give them to him, he and I had lots of fun running around outside with one glove on each hand, trying to punch each other.

I always think, "if they already have a doll, they don't want or need another one," or "if they have building toys, they probably don't want another one." But then I remember I had 22 dolls at one time in my life! I gave them all to Deseret Industries one summer when I was a teenager.

Then I start thinking, "I want to have the coolest things at my house that they'll love to play with", like one of those IKEA chairs that swivel around or the scooters they use in P.E. at school And I once saw a really cool chair on some website that was from Europe. It was like half an egg shell that the child sat inside of. It looked really fun.

So---tell me. What are fun toys your children like to play with or that you have bought or seen lately.

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