Sunday, August 25, 2019

Parenting Tip - Our One Body

I wish everyone was as smart as I am.  And as wise.  And have had the experiences I have had so you would stop making those crazy decisions you're making.

Ha, ha, sorry about that.  I meant to only think those thoughts, not actually write and publish them....

I have some concerns about how the world is going, so I'm just going to spill it out and be frank in this post.

Last week I was at the gym walking on the treadmill listening to podcasts and couldn't help but see the advertising on the TVs because at first I couldn't figure out what the advertising was about.

It turns out it was a razor for women to use on their faces to get rid of peach fuzz.  Yes, peach fuzz. 

What?  Now I have to add ridding myself of my nonexistent or hardly seen peach fuzz to my daily make up regime?  I would have just ignored the advertisement, but it was on 5 of the TVs and it kept repeating the advertisement over and over and over again.  Every day.

Do you see what is happening?  As women, we are so obsessed with our looks and having to be in style that we are spending money and time on the silliest things...peach fuzz razors!  Our eyebrows have to be big and distinctive, our teeth have to be the brightest and whitest, our nails have to be polished, our wrinkles need to disappear and we have to decide between highlights or streaks in our hair.  Not to mention we have to be skinny.

Is Satan distracting us from what is important?  Is Satan trying to get us to compare ourselves with each other so we are miserable?  Satan doesn't have a body, so he is encouraging us to ruin our body.  He wants our bodies to be billboards, playgrounds, and sources of discontent.

Time is short.  We have one body.  We have this one life to live on earth.  Let's encourage each other to use our bodies to learn, grow, serve, and become more like Christ. Our bodies house our spirits. They are temples.  Let us protect our bodies.  Let us enjoy our bodies and use them to the fullest we can.  As in the parable of the talents, let us return to our Heavenly Father with our bodies physically healthy in the best condition we can take care of them.  Let us show our Father how we have used the gift he gave us in service to others with purity in thought and mind.

Thanks for letting me rant,


If you have commented in the past, I found out I haven't been receiving them.  I'm not expecting you to comment, but if you do, try leaving them with the google account to see if that works.

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