Saturday, March 14, 2015

Parenting Tip -It was the TWO YEAR OLDS who did me in!

Oh. My. Gosh.  Today I babysat my two 4 year old grandsons plus their 2 year old brother and sister, plus an 11 month old granddaughter. I thought I was up for the challenge.  I mean, hello-- I raised 7 children.  And I love children.  And I consider I'm somewhat a pro with children.

But today was my day to eat humble pie.  I thought I had entered the twilight zone or funniest home videos or "how to drive Grandma crazy" hidden camera before the day was done.

It was the 2 two year olds who were my undoing:
*Oatmeal dumped all over the family room carpet and chair with two children laughing and playing in it.
*Children hiding under the bed after eating all the mints they took from my purse  (while I was cleaning up the oatmeal, of course).
*Pantry shelf taken out of pantry with cocoa spilled all over the kitchen floor.
* Two potty messes all over the carpet.
* My bedroom door locked (the old fashioned lock that requires a key that is no longer in existence)
* Glass cup dropped and broken

Two year olds!!   ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
(Note: before one of the two year olds came to my house, he had already spread poop all over his bed from a "accident" and his 4 year old brother had tried to clean up his own poop mess by taking a bath by himself and spreading poop into the bathtub!  My poor daughter-in-law)

After today, I feel like I failed being the "Best Grandma of the Year".  Instead, I became the "Grandma who couldn't cope".  Oh well.  I'm doing it again tomorrow, but I'll be better prepared!  I won't let the two year olds out of my sight!

And I'll do what I did today.  Laugh and laugh and laugh!

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