Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Give-Away is Here!

I'm feeling guilty because I have 4 CDs I haven't given away yet.  So here's your lucky chance to win a free Christmas gift!

Eclipse is a great acapella men's choir. The album features "ten new arrangements that are both inventive and engaging".

Wee Jambore and Playground
Hootenanny are two CDs that are
produced by musical parents whose children
attend the same preschool together.
Really fun to listen to.

Last, but not least is another Daddy plays guitar lullabies. This daddy really know how to play them!

 If you haven't been a winner before, please leave me a comment before Thursday.  Some of my readers have mentioned that they can't leave a comment.  So if this is happening to you--I'm sorry.  Instead you can email me at: and I'll enter you into the drawing.  I like comments--hint, hint, so please email me or leave a comment here.



  1. Ooooh, we love a give-a-way! Also, love your parenting tips. Em is getting me your phone number so we can talk and try to see if doing piano lessons right now would be a good thing. I have some questions!

  2. I would love a cd! Looking forward to you starting your tuesday classes again!

  3. We'd love some new music to dance to




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