Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Give-Away!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have been so richly blessed in my life.  I am living my dream.  Even though my husband passed away recently, I feel his love and God's love in my life everyday.

I have several free items to give away and thought today would be a great day to do a special give away.

To the first 3 people who leave me a comment I will send them one of these items (if you want one in particular, please let me know):

Hillary Weeks's CD- always great singing
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert became an overnight success on American Idol.  But along with the spotlight she has remained true to her standards of modesty, chastity and healthful living.

 The popular animated Book of Mormon stories.  This is the anniversary 25th edition of Nephi and the Brass Plates.


  1. My kids would love the Book of Mormon movies!

  2. Am I eligible since I already won something from your blog? If I am I would love the Hillary Weeks CD, if not let the next person win one!

  3. Oh I would love the book of mormon animated stories!! Please, please!

  4. What a great giveaway and thanks for your generosity. I would love to hear Hilary Weeks. I have never heard her albums. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. My daughter is going to love the Book of Mormon stories and it would help us during F.H.E.




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