Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parenting Tip - BRR (Bedtime Reminiscence Routine)

My daughter in law told me something she does with my 17 month old grandson as part of his bedtime routine.  As she rocks him in the rocking chair, she goes over all the events of the day.  She enumerates what he ate for breakfast and how he played with his toys.  She mentions his nap time and lunch and anything else they did during the day.  Then she talks about when Daddy came home and they ate dinner, and how Daddy played with him and put his pajamas on. She said she discovered that when she does this and then puts him in his crib, he lays there peacefully without fussing.  But if she doesn’t go over the day’s routine, he seems to always cry when she puts him in bed and it takes longer for him to settle down.  Interesting, isn’t it?


I wonder if my daughter in law has counted up all the valuable skills she is teaching my grandson.  She is helping him learn about time value, and chronological order, about sequencing and prepositions like before and after.  She is teaching him science and astronomy as she talks about the sun shining during the day and the moon coming out at night, about climate and weather when she talks about the rain and the wind.  She’s teaching the days of the week.  She’s increasing his vocabulary as she uses adjectives to describe the soft fur on the bunny and the delicious taste of applesauce.


 I've been learning about autistic children and how they need structure and routine to their day. They even benefit from visual sequencing of their daily activities.  When their routine is changed or they are confused about what is happening, then a major meltdown can ensue.  My grandson is not autistic but he is approaching his “terrific twos” and anything that can help in making his life be more structured and less frustrating is good for not only him, but Mom too.


Wow. Who would have thought so much learning could come from 3 minutes of bedtime reminiscing?


  1. You are not kidding! I did this with my "super seven-year-old" and our usual retched bedtime was so much more pleasant. We even went over what to look forward to the next day and how important it was to go to sleep so we could do it all happily! P.S. Are you taking new piano students?

  2. That's cool, that it works for older children too. Probably adults--instead of counting sheep?
    Yes, I have only one or two openings left for piano. Call me if interested!

  3. ooooo I love this!! I'm totally going to do this!! I'm pretty sure I could spend hours reading your awesome blog of awesome parenting advice!! Thank you!!




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