Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music Tip #71May I hear a DRUM roll please...

I went to THE MOST FUN workshop this weekend. It was a drumming workshop by Dr. Craig Woodson. http://www.ethnomus He showed us how to make drums using cans, tape and more tape. I came home with 4 drums and enough ideas to teach all my classes next year.

Dr. Woodson was invited by Frank Thompson who is founder of the AZ Rhythm Connection. They offer a free standard based curriculum for teachers. "Each lesson includes: information about the instrument and its country and culture of origin; information about the special rhythms associated with the instrument and instructions on how to play along; and instructions on how to build a homemade version of the instrument."
What kid doesn't like drums? These are so easy to make, yet sound so good! Did I mention we made a xylophone too? These instruments would be great for cub scout meetings, scout troops, general music classes, music group lessons, and more. I plan on having the students make them next year for our "found instrument" unit.


  1. Hey, I was there too! My friend in my ward told me about your blog (Emily Campbell) and I have been reading it, and I was very surprised to see this post about the workshop. I was one of the music therapy students there :) It definitely was awesome!

  2. I know which one you were. I sat two away from you on the Friday night class and behind you on the Saturday afternoon. I was very impressed with your answer when one of the ladies talked about coming to the Sunday drum session and you said that Sunday was your day to go to Church and you wouldn't be coming. I thought, "Wow, that girl isn't afraid to say that church is important to her." I never know what to say in situations like that but I really liked your answer.

    Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. I'm sad I was not there, but I think I'd like to make some drums with my kiddos. Maybe that will be one of crafts this week. :)




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