Sunday, September 5, 2010

Parenting Tip #50 They are never too big

I watched a mother in Church one Sunday. Her big four year old son was sitting on her lap. Her 18 month old daughter was being taken care of by the older siblings and Dad. Her son sat on her lap the whole time during Church, interacting quietly with her, eating fruit snacks, looking at a book, and more importantly, feeling surrounded in her love.

I thought back to my 2nd oldest son when he was 7 or 8 years old. As soon as we sat down on our pew in Church, there he was, sitting on my lap. I remember thinking to myself, “I wonder when he is going to feel too big and embarrassed to want to sit on my lap?” I was happy he wanted my love and I knew because he was only 14 months older than his younger brother, that he needed to feel that physical love and attention from me.

I teach piano lessons to an 8 year old boy. His dad brings him and his younger sister to my home where they meet up with mom-who is coming straight from work. During the younger sister’s piano lesson, I notice the 8 year old constantly trying to get his mother’s attention by wanting to sit by her on the couch and lean against her. She shoos him away to the other couch and tells him to do his homework. I ache to say, “Please give your son a hug. He wants your physical touch and words of love so much.”

Our children are never too big to not want our hugs, kisses, and spoken words of love. Whether your child is 8 weeks old or 18 years old, give him a hug and tell him you love him. Today. And every day!


  1. Oh good, I thought it was just ME! Stella is still an only child and so I've just always had an open lap for her to sit on . . . even though she's 6-years-old! She also has a kiss for me with every bit of praise she gets! Thanks for the parenting tips. Especially today when Stella's prayer last night included "please bless that Mommy will not be mean again tomorrow . . ." Hum, it must have been a bad day.

  2. Hi Whitney, I miss seeing you and Stella at The Towers. I looked at your photography blog--it's great!

  3. I just read a book called The 5 Love Languages, have you ever read it? It's fabulous!! I think everyone needs to read it, and not only apply it to their relationship with one's spouse, but also with children, or any other important relationship. A really important read.




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